Reasons Why Ice Cream Is Good for You

There are amazing reasons why ice cream is really healthy for you known as ice cream benefits, apart from it’s creamy goodness which has a way of bringing people that sheer joy and comfort.

And whether it’s during the peak of summer or the dead of winter, ice cream does not have comparison especially on a hot summer day or a cold winter night, ice cream will always lighten your mood up.

Also, even the most deliciously baked cake could not compare to the effect of ice cream – young and old alike.


In fact, some people might say that ice cream is not good for the body, but it is healthier than you might realize. So, what are the Benefits Of Eating Ice Cream? did you know that in spite of the several disadvantages that eating ice cream is likely to have, there are certain benefits as well?

Listed below are the top advantages of eating ice cream to show that ice cream can actually be good for you.

Benefits Of Eating Ice Cream

Ice cream is a great source of vitamins

Ice cream is a good source of vitamins, as it contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, D and E are sound in every scoop of ice cream. 

And Thiamine and Niacine are much needed by the body too. So, did you know that ice cream can save you from blood clotting too? The vitamin K in ice cream can save you from that!

Also, Ice cream provides you with a lot of energy, because of its high nutritional value, not to mention the good protein and the carbohydrates that it contains, milk has become essential to get the energy that you need.

And vanilla beans for instance, have antioxidants, and also small amounts of calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron. 

Interestingly, chocolate ice cream benefits, dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and also has flavonoids to protect the heart, while oleic acid to lower your cholesterol levels, and phytochemicals to fight off free radicals.

So, with all its goodness, ice cream should indeed be a daily treat for you, as these ingredients in ice cream are proven to actually be good for your health.

benefits of ice cream

Ice cream contains much-wanted healthy minerals.

Calcium and phosphorus are actually the building blocks to help keep our bones strong and healthy.

And Ice cream contains these two most important minerals that can save you from suffering from kidney stones.

Also, ice cream stimulates the creative thinking, because ice cream does not only help you lessen the negative effects of stress, but it helps your body produce more happy hormones.

And ice cream is made out of milk, which is a natural tranquilizer that will help your body relax.

In fact, study conducted at the Kyorin University in Tokyo, shows that having ice cream for breakfast can help give your brain a boost. 

But dietitian said that ice cream tends to increase the dopamine levels in the body that can make you more awake and alert.

 Ice Cream Reduce The Risk of Suffering From Cancer.

The calcium contained in every scoop of ice cream can reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. And since it is a catalyst for keeping your bones healthy, the calcium in milk is another good reason why you should give in to that indulgence

Apart from being a catalyst to building stronger bones, this particular benefit of calcium makes ice cream all the more beneficial.

Ice Cream Provides Energy

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Ice cream is an outstanding source of energy, as it is typically packed with sugar, and sugar, carbohydrates, fats and proteins can provide an instant source of energy.

Also, it helps to gain weight. If you are looking for energy, you should have ice creams, and with all the goodness of milk, it also provides you with necessary sugars.

Asking how? Well, sugar contains glucose, which is a key nutrient that provides our bodies with the fuel we need to get through the day.

Ice Cream Stimulates the Brain

Ice cream stimulates the thrombotonin, which is a hormone of happiness and helps in reducing the levels of stress in the body.

And ice cream is made of milk which contains L-triptophane which is a natural tranquilizer and helps in relaxing the nervous system. Also it helps prevent symptoms of insomnia.

Six Benefits Of Eating Ice Cream

Ice Cream Boosts The Immune System

Majority of people usually ask how can ice cream boost your immune system? Ice cream which is a form of fermented dairy, and fermented foods helps to protect the body from gastrointestinal and respiratory infections.

So, the stronger your gut and respiratory systems are, the stronger your immune system will be.

In spite of all the benefits of eating ice cream has, there is no reason to over indulge in it because it also has a large number of disadvantages which are harmful for your health. So relish on ice creams, but in moderation.

So, we hope these benefits of eating ice cream will finally help you in making the right decision about ice cream.


  1. It’s great to know that ice cream helps produce happy hormones in your body not only in lessening the negative effects of stress. I am craving some sweets recently and I am excited to taste ice cream again. thanks for this informative article I’ll make sure to buy more ice cream when I have some free time this week!


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