Ways to Develop Your Intelligence at Any Age

Intelligence – you know about the depressing stories about the brain. That it’s at its best in our twenties, then slowly declines – until we are left in old age with tatters instead of dendrites in the brain and can’t even remember our own name due to memory loss. Forget that.  

The amazing news is that the brain is plastic that can develop throughout life. Like muscles develop with a physical workout, intelligence can be shaped up through brain exercises and special nootropic brain supplements such as Inteligen Brain Booster.

We have many different facets of intelligencethat all make up our mind. Personal growth means fostering and training the many different kinds of intelligence available to us. Read on to find out which  of this different forms and how to develop each one.

1. Verbal Intelligence .

This involves writing, reading, speaking, and conversing. You can exercise it through learning a new language,  reading interesting books, playing word games, listening to recordings, using a computer, and participating in conversation and discussions online. The amazing thing about learning a new language is that each language has expressions and concepts that don’t appear in others. A new language also means a new way of seeing the world. 

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2. Interpersonal Intelligence

This allows us to see beyond what you show people, allows us to read beyond what they say and understand hidden aims or targets within them, in some cases unknown to themselves.

This type is essential for those who need to work with groups of people. The ability to identify and understand the problems of others is made possible by this type of intelligence. Administrators, teachers, psychologists and therapists are the main representatives of this type of intelligence.

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3. Intrapersonal Intelligence

This is that which allows us to control and understand the internal aspects of ourselves. People with this type of intelligence can access and discriminate their feelings.

Besides this intelligence also helps when working with yourself and understands why you act. And this type of intelligence is the innermost of all and needs to be helped by others to be studied and described.

4. Logical Intelligence

Involves number and computing skills, recognizing patterns and relationships, timeliness and order, and the ability to solve different kinds of problems through logic.

And you can exercise it through classifying and sequencing activities, playing number and logic games, and solving various kinds of puzzles. Personally, I have a Sodoku book in the bathroom and do a little each day.

5.Spatial Intelligence

The ability to solve problems or to see the world and objects from different viewpoints is associated with this type of intelligence, connected with chess players and those who work in the visual arts.

People who have higher spatial intelligence are often better able to develop mental pictures, drawing and notice details among other things. Here we can find photographers, designers, marketers and architects.

4. Body Intelligence

Involves physical coordination and dexterity, using fine and gross motor skills, and expressing oneself or learning through physical activities. You can develop this by playing dancing, playing various active sports and games, as well as taking up martial arts or yoga.

5. Musical Intelligence

The notion of music is universal and is present in all cultures, this suggests that there is one universally present in all of us musical intelligence.

Certain areas of our brain are closely related papers play with the interpretation and creation of music and like all other types of intelligence, the musical can be trained and improved.

And clearly those who master this type of intelligence can play variety of instruments as well as read and create music naturally.

6. Social Intelligence

Involves understanding how to communicate with, and understand other people, and how to work collaboratively. We can develop it through cooperative games, group projects and discussions, as well as dramatic activities or role-playing.

And Daniel Goleman has written a very interesting book about this, called Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships.7. Emotional Intelligence

Involves understanding one’s inner world of emotions and thoughts, and growing in the ability to control them and work with them consciously. 

As Daniel Goleman explains in his book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ. We can develop it through participating in independent projects, reading illuminating books,  journal-writing, imaginative activities and games, counseling, and quiet reflection.

8.Logical-mathematical Intelligence

This is one that is routinely considered as raw intelligence. This is what separates the smart people not smart under the current paradigm. As the name says this is associated with logical reasoning and mathematical problem solving.

And the rate for solving mathematical and logical puzzles determines this type of intelligence. Famous IQ tests are based on this type of intelligence and linguistic intelligence. Scientists, economists, engineers and other academics are those over this type.

9. Creative Intelligence

Involves creating something new with your mind or with your body. We can develop Creative Intelligence by participating in plays or make-believe games, by writing, painting, decorating, handicrafts, cooking and so on.

The holy grail is to find a way of increasing “fluid intelligence”, our underlying capacity to hold information in conscious memory and then manipulate it in order to solve complex problems or come up with new ideas. Fluid intelligence is what IQ tests try to measure – albeit, historically, with all sorts of cultural biases – and the implications of improving it could be huge.

“There are approximately 10 million scientists in the world,” Nick Bostrom, of Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, told Time magazine a while back. “If you improve their cognition by 1%, the gain would hardly be noticeable.

But it could be equivalent to instantly creating 100,000 new scientists.” But even how to think about this in the first place is a tricky question, as the Imperial College neuroscientist Adam Hampshire points out, because “general intelligence” is a construct: it’s an idea we use to group together certain aspects of brainpower, so it’s unlikely to be related to just one aspect or system in the brain.


There are some activities that tick more than one box. For example, when you dance you are honing your Spatial Intelligence (because you are learning patterns), Social Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, and Bodily Intelligence.

Formal study is also a way to keep the brain young and to grow as a human being. A few years ago I decided to go back to university and do a Masters. Studying sharpens your Logical, Verbal, Creative, as well as your Social Intelligence and your Emotional Intelligence.

Another way to keep the brain in training is to change your job at times. Brain scientist Dr. Robert Sylwester says:


Now take another look through this article and choose one of the ways to boost your intelligence. Promise yourself that you will get into action and actively boost your intelligence!

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Ingredients Used in Inteligen

Inteligen consists of safe and reliable brain booster ingredients. The following are the components, and how they help in cerebral improvement.

Bacopa Monnieri: This ingredients has Ayurvedic medicinal properties. It wll help you to boosts memory recall and retention, better focus and attention and reduce stress, anxiety and mild depression.

Also, it has anti-oxidant properties that promote better mental performance for your daily routine.

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This ingredient will also renews damaged brain cells and boosts the levels of neurotransmitters for better memory recall, higher attention and learning capabilities.

Ginkgo Biloba: This will boosts short-term and long-term memory. It is a powerful anti-oxidant properties. It will increase your focus, attention and intelligence. Boosts cerebral blood flow. 

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: This will boosts your energy levels by facilitating transportation of fatty acids to the mitochondria where they are broken down and converted in to useful energy. It also improve memory, attention, concentration, mental clarity and focus.

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Intelligence : Ways to Develop Your Intelligence at Any Age

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Several of Inteligen users testimony reveals the fact that this is not a habit forming supplement. So you can safely stop the supplement whenever you want without any withdrawal symptoms.

The effects of Inteligen differ from individual to individual. While some people show instant results others take time in getting used to the supplement to start showing results.

Although, it is quite safe but it is best avoided by people below that age of 18. It is also recommended that you seek the advice of your doctor before starting the supplement and follow the dosage recommended.

How Do I Purchase Inteligen?

A bottle contains 30 capsules, and you can order 1 bottle, 3 bottles, or 5 bottles. If you buy more, you will enjoy a discounted price! The package involves 1 month supply, 3 month supply or 5 month supply with 100% satisfaction and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Note: So far, no serious known side effects have been reported by users.

However, it is important to point out that this supplement contains caffeine, which might not be good for users with caffeine-related complications or allergies. It is generally safe for use by adults but children and pregnant mothers are advised not to use.

Intelligence : Ways to Develop Your Intelligence at Any Age


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